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bottle handling parts
bottle handling parts
Conveyor systems built to order for bottles and bulk material handling
Explore this pre-made pouch. See how we can help you prolong fresh products shelf life and product integrity. Read more>>
refurbished equipment
refurbished equipment
Refurbished filler/capping machines. Read more>>
bottle handling parts
bottle handling parts
Federal Industrial filler machines. Read more>>
Regardless of your needs, we can provide a suitable Zalkin capping machine. Read more>>
refurbished equipment
refurbished equipment
Pace Omni-Line bottle unscrambler machines are universally-suited for production in all packaging industries Read more>>

Welcome to P&G Packaging. Filling and Packaging Systems


For the past twenty years P&G Packaging Ltd has been providing machinery to European drinks producers.

Based in Warrington, Cheshire, we are dedicated to supporting the Sales, Spare Parts and After Service of the following manufacturers:-

Toyo Jidoki:   Flexible packaging machines for the food industry
Federal/Pro Mach:   Bottle Filling and capping systems by Federal Mfg. and Andre Zalkin. Along with Federal and Zalkin spare parts
Nimco:   Cartoning Machines
Poggio:   Bottle Rinsers
Egli:   Butter making equipment
Filmatic:   Bottle filler spare parts
Zalkin:   Capping machines
Pace:   Bottle unscrambler machines

P&G Packaging offer the following services :

  • New Federal Filling Equipment, filling Milk, Juice, Smoothies etc in bottles from 100ml to 1 Gallon
  • New bottle unscramblers, Bottle Rinsers, Conveyor Systems, Labeler, Packers, Shrink wrappers
  • New Gable Top Carton Fillers, for Milk, Fruit Juice, Smoothies, Condiments, Dehydrated Foods etc
  • Spare Parts for Federal Fillers, Filmatic Machines, Nimco Cartoning Machines, Fogg Fillers, Filler Specialties
  • CNC Replacement change parts for fillers, Labelers, rinsers

P&G Packaging offers full support to our customers including:

  • 24 Hours Spare Parts Service
  • Complete New and Refurbished Bottling Line Installations
  • Refurbished Range of Fillers, Conveyors always in stock at our Warrington Premises
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egli product range
egli product range
egli product range

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