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Federal Level Fillers

Federal Established an enviable reputation by building fillers of a uniquely simple sanitary design for free-flowing products.

By specializing on sanitary design and durability for the diary industry, processors came to Federal for filling juices, drinks, water and pharmaceutical products.

Model GWSS6/26.8

  Model ESW4/36.15
Model GWSS6/26.8   Model ESW4/36.15

Federal Gallon and 1/2 Gallon Filers - Model Shown GWSS6/26.8
Federals #6 is a long time favorite for fast, dependable and accurate filling of plastic gallons and half gallons. An important feature is the exceptionally smooth movement of bottles operating at speeds up to 90 rpm for foaming products and 140 gpm for water.

Federal 32 oz. to 8oz. Filler - Model Shown ESW4/36.15
The 'E' Series fillers are designed and built with pro­vision to allow the addition of components that will provide extended product shelf-life. The 36- valve model shown with 15 capping stations will fill and cap bottles with a maximum diameter of 3.0" (76mm). The model is designed to fill 8 oz. (.25L) at speeds to 400 bpm: This model is available with the traditional Federal base.


Model KWS56/36.12

  Model AWS7/42.14
Model KWS56/36.12   Model AWS7/42.14

Federal 1/2 Gallon Filler - Model Shown KWS56/36.12
This #6 Series 36-valve model with 12 capping stations was developed for filling and capping plastic bottles up to 4.25" (108 mm) wide. It can be equipped for applying a variety of plastic screw caps or press­on style closures.

Specialty Engineers Products - Model Shown AWS7/42.14
A special feature of this 42-valve model is the 14 station pick-and -place (cap-in-chuck) screw capping system. This model will fill plastic, glass and P.E.T. bottles up to 4.5" (114mm) in diameter. The filler shown was equipped with filler-driven infeed conveyor, automated recycle system to maintain product bowl temperature, automated lubrication system and automated cleaning and sanitizing system.

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