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Recent projects include:

Princes Soft Drinks

industrial fillers

An ESL System 150 x 2 litres – 60 day shelf life on orange juice
To include Bottle Rinser, Filler and Capper

ESL features of Rinser – Sanitisation:-
Clean Air / HEPA System
ASME coded Filler Bowl
Pick and Place Capping


Connaught Gold Dairy

industrial fillers

New 24/8 Federal Filler
150 BPM x 2 litres of Milk


Butter Producing Equipment

industrial fillers

South Caernarfon Creameries
3000 kg butter churn
intermeadiate butter silo
30 KG block butter packer


Ireland Glanbia Dairy 150 BPM complete filling system


Glanbia 24/8 federal filler


Glanbia federal 24/8 filler/capper


Glanbia bottle lowerator

recent news
Federal industrial fillers
net weight fillers
level fillers
cartoning machines
egli product range
egli product range
egli product range

P&G Packaging Ltd
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Glanbia 150 BPM 2
Glanbia 150 BPM 2 litre Federal filling system installed in Drogheda Ireland
ESL Innocent juices filler , filling 330 ML smoothies Installed at Framptons England