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Refurbished Machinery


Second hand equipment presently in stock


12/4 Federal Filler

  12/4 Federal Filler
12/4 Federal Filler   12/4 Federal Filler

6000 x 500ml Bottles/Hour
Right Hand Exit
Set also to fill 250 to 1 gallon


Set for 250ml to fill at 6500
Will handle 250 to 1 gallon
Left Hand Exit


8/4 Federal Filler

  Dawson De-Bagger Conveyors
  Dawson De-Bagger Conveyors

Handling 2 litres at 34 BPM
Will handle 500ml to 3 litres
Right Hand Exit


Arrabawn Dairy, Ireland


Creamline Dairy, Manchester

  Dawson De-Bagger Conveyors

21/6 Federal Filler


Refurbished 18/6 Federal Filler


All Fillers sold as seen or fully overhauled and warrantied

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